How do Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR) units work? | SIEGENIA

How do Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR) units work? | SIEGENIA

SRHR units are a through-the-wall product, designed to ventilate and improve indoor air quality on a room-by-room basis. They’re installed in the same way as a conventional fan but instead have an integrated heat exchanger, which significantly reduces heat losses.

How do they work?
In extract mode, the integral ceramic heat exchanger collects and stores heat from the extracted stale air. In supply mode, this heat is transferred to the incoming clean air supply to temper the incoming air temperature before entering the room. As a general rule, 30% of the heat lost from our homes is through conventional extract ventilation.

Replacing conventional fans with SRHR units can reduce these heat losses by as much as 90% (in the case of the AEROTUBE WRG smart). In addition, an SRHR unit also supplies fresh air, so the benefits to the end user are a constant supply of warmed fresh air in winter and stale air extraction whilst keeping heat losses to a minimum.

What if you want to install a whole house system?
Installing a centralised whole house HRV system requires extensive building strip-outs and duct installation, which can be expensive and takes time.

Alternatively, a highly efficient decentralised whole house HRV system can be achieved by installing SRHR units on a room-by-room basis or as required for the perfect retrofit solution. Units can be interconnected and linked to WLAN for convenient control.

With an A+ rating, AEROTUBE WRG from SIEGENIA consumes 4W of energy on average, so a multi-unit install can be left continuously running without having to worry about those electricity bills.

This modular approach lends itself to upgrades and refurbishment works and its flexibility allows the designer to tailor systems and airflow rates much more precisely to suit the occupant’s needs.

Get more details on SIEGENIA’s AEROTUBE WRG solution by clicking here[1]


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