In this video I'm going to show you how to tile 3d cube effect wall tiles. From planning them out to grouting and sealing.
🍺JOIN THE ALEARMY LIVESTREAM EVERY THURSDAY! 🛠AMAZON TOOL STORE: 📺VLOG CHANNEL: 🏠INTERACTIVE HOUSE: I'll show you in this video how to plan and set out your 3D wall tiles. Where should you start? Which is the first row to do? We'll understand the 3D pattern together. I'll even show you how I made a minor mistake before we use tile adhesive to fix the tiles to the wall, clean the tiles and grout…plus the most important step – sealing the tiles and grout! #plumbing #plumbingadvice #plumberparts TWITTER🐤 🔥 FACEBOOK👉 🔥 INSTAGRAM📷 🔥 SNAPCHAT👻 🔥 ***VISIT OUR SPONSORS*** | PLUMBERS REGISTER HERE: ❤️ TimeStamps: 0:00 Intro to 3D Tiles
0:25 IMPORTANT Setting out your 3D tiles
2:45 Understand the pattern
3:30 VERY IMPORTANT Setting out your first row
5:45 A minor mistake
6:45 First tiles on the wall
8:48 DIFFICULT Fill-in tiles and cuts
11:18 Cleaning your 3D tiles
12:19 Grouting with Song
12:59 Cleaning off grout residue
14:43 IMPORTANT Sealing the tiles and grout
17:07 The Next Stage

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