Conversation Couch with Editor, Richard Bowler

Conversation Couch with Editor, Richard Bowler

Our editor, Richard Bowler sat down with Paul Meenan, E5 group to take part in ‘Conversation Couch’.

“Really grateful to have the opportunity to record some content with Paul Meenan CEng FIET, FCMI and the e5 Group earlier this week.– Editor, Richard Bowler

In the near future we will be guest-hosting a special podcast on the trials and tribulations of social media, but for now, take a look at the video below where we featured in this week’s ‘Conversation Couch’ (and a very comfortable couch it is/was), which includes the real star of the show – Bella the dog!

You can find out what we think about the industry, the challenge/opportunities for trade magazines, how to address the ‘race to the bottom’, and there’s even a bit of wrestling chat in there for good measure!

Watch the full video below!

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