SELECT’s first online annual report: ‘business as usual’ approach continues

SELECT’s first online annual report: ‘business as usual’ approach continues

SELECT[1] has released its first-ever digital annual report, outlining how its values of cooperation, collaboration and commitment have guided the organisation through one of the most challenging years in its 120-year history.

Scotland’s largest trade association has used the online publication[2] to reveal how it redoubled its efforts to provide support, guidance and information to help its 1,243 member companies and their workforces navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the shutdown of the sector, the influential trade body reported that it had not only maintained a ‘business as usual’ approach but had also introduced swathes of new services, including online training and new processes for dealing with membership applications.

Replacing the usual printed publication, the 2019/20 Annual Report is the organisation’s first-ever purely digital round-up of the year’s activities, and was produced for its AGM on September 2 which was also its first virtual event, held via Zoom webinar.

Among the COVID milestones, the report reveals that, during the first six months of the pandemic, SELECT issued £329,405 in membership subscription refunds, fielded 600 calls to its employment and technical hotlines and issued 36 new employment guidance documents.

In addition, it delivered 42 online training courses to 253 delegates, saw 1,062 calls handled by the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB)[3] and created 143 ECS electronic Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments

SELECT’s increased communication activity resulted in nearly 42,000 website visits to its dedicated COVID hub during the first six months of the pandemic, and also attracted 1,798 new social media followers to its Twitter[4]Facebook[5] and LinkedIn[6] channels – a rise of 202%.

As well as issuing 141 updates via its own hub, the organisation also worked with the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum[7] to produce 68 pieces of essential guidance between March 23 and August 31.

The report also reveals that SELECT helped distribute £525,000 in Electrical Engineering Training Foundation grants and disbursed 225,000 welfare credits.

It has also launched videos aimed at female apprentices, designed and delivered new training courses and had new installation and modern apprenticeship frameworks approved, as well as driving numerous initiatives in technical, communication and employment areas.

Income from membership subscriptions and application fees rose over the year, as did sales of products and services, which produced a profit of £466,371, up from £284,649 last year.


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