Don’t complicate the message


Good signage is important; it points us in the right direction, advises us on important updates and highlights safety procedures. As we prepare for another roadmap out of lockdown phase, and in an era where information changes quickly, the tools to display important messages need to be user friendly and provide a hassle-free solution!

Bespoke sign boards and wall mounted signage solutions can be expensive, inflexible and cause damage to surfaces they are applied to. Other solutions such as punched pockets attached with tape look unprofessional and often detach.
If you are already back in business and welcoming staff back to the workplace, keeping everyone safe is a priority, especially now that we can (hopefully!) see the light at the end of the tunnel!

DURAFRAME® is an innovative and easy to use signage solution, designed to present information clearly and professionally. It requires no expensive tools or installation team and is available in over 80 different size, colour, and attachment options.

A frame for every surface:

For smooth surfaces                                        For metallic surfaces


For glass surfaces


For textile surfaces                                                   For sensitive surfaces

Here are simple but effective ways to display important messages using DURAFRAME®…

  At entrances: Display signs to indicate the maximum capacity inside.

  In shop or workplace: use signs to remind visitors to wear a face covering and disinfect their hands (free templates using DURAPRINT®).

  In waiting areas: Display leaflets or posters so they can be changed quickly if necessary and protected from contact.

  Advertise: Promote sales, offers, services or reopening on windows, protected from rough weather and UV staining.

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