Vacant retail shop security solutions solved with ShopShield


Apart from the change to our shopping habits, already evident before the pandemic, lockdown has proved devastating to our shopping streets. Even before Covid, 25-40% of retail space was no longer viable or needed but by the start of 2021, it was estimated that some 50% of retail rents from 2020 remained unpaid and the UK’s high streets had lost more than 17,500 chain store outlets with an average daily closure of 48 shops, restaurants and other leisure venues. The demise of familiar brands still continues, but it’s not just big chains that are suffering. Hospitality has taken a serious hit and so have a multitude of small independent retailers.

Unfortunately, these empty units are like an open invitation to thieves, vandals, arsonists or squatters, even fly-tippers if there is an inviting forecourt to dump on.

Commercial security experts, Clearway, have stepped into the breach with exactly what’s needed to stop both criminals and mindless vandals: ShopShield. A fixed-price, retail security solution that is simple, affordable and ticks all the necessary boxes to keep the premises safe and secure until new tenants take over.

Like an easy to understand and buy, one-stop-shop solution, the ShopShield basic package will cover replacement locks, a temporary letterbox seal and flammable waste removal, along with a comprehensive risk assessment to highlight other potential problems that can be easily and efficiently sorted. A set of bolt-on services is also available that can provide additional security measures tailored to the individual needs of your premises. These include a self-contained, wireless, monitored alarm system, utilities drain down, and regular property inspections. Clearway’s prompt and personal service will do whatever is necessary or appropriate for each individual retail unit, big or small.

Deterrent is the word, affordability the key, and peace of mind the result. Why wait? One call to the experts and we can solve your empty retail property security problem straight away.

For more information visit or call 01322 479652.


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